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 My passion for music started when I was just a kid. It is said that if your passion for something is true then it takes you to places you have never expected.

To me, music does not come with any boundaries and limitations, and a person like me always looks for new ways to rock the world, so I started mixing different music genres with some poetry to make a great rap out of it.


The Style

You will find many songs on my website that are a blend of classical melodies, poetic lyrics, and a touch of hip-hop attitude.

Feel My Lyrics

When I am writing lyrics for a song, I take my words from my life and experiences to show the reality, that makes my raps more interesting. I want everyone to listen to those words that touched me because they will surely have a great impact on your lives too.

Champion Album
Join the inspiration and excitement with C'sMe during the grind for this first album. The beats and lyrics will leave you wanting more from C'sMe.

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Hit Album
Rock and rap it up with the world's fastest Rapper and special guests. The Hit Album will rock your socks off with lessons learned and lyrics ripping that creates the trippin.

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Miss Album
Did you miss it? Nope, we got it right here for you! C'sMe's 3rd album dropping bangers in your hearing receptacles. Don't miss the lyric spitting  that is within the Miss Album by C'sMe.

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Hot Garbage Album
Are you ready for some sexy beats with a dash of special sauce? You need to listen to the Hot Garbage album... Now available for Download

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What a great and inspiring man with all his talent. I am happy camper with all your albums. Looking forward to more from you!
Jackie Knight
So stoked for the Release of all the new beats! stoked to see you soar so high!
Steve Kendrix
You go get it bro! So glad to see someone not be afraid to display themselves for the world to see... I see you bro! now run for those dreams!